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We provide Professional Secretarial Services to meet all of your needs.

Your business is important to us, and professional staff will make your work place stand out from the crowd.

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    Please know that I, Faith, was injured severely in the building Collapse in which several people were killed, and many injured. (early May 2009) It took seven (7) months for me to recover and with the help of my American Father, I am now back, as of November 2009, to serve you, my people. It has also taken time to save money to replace all the equipment that was lost.

    Thank you for your understanding, caring, and patience.

    When my father died, people thought our mum was not going to last long because our father loved her so much, that unlike other village house wives, she did not do any house work or even go to the garden and fetch fire wood. Her duty was to bear the children and breastfeed them, and the rest was taken care of. I was 14 years old in S.1 at that moment thoughts of committing suicide came to mind. Life lost meaning because I had lost the most important person in my life. However, there were two special people in my life who stood by the family, my mother Catherine and sister Olyvia Nalukenge. Mother was unemployed because father was the sole bread winner while she stayed home to look after us. Mother was helpless, she cried endlessly but Olyvia and friends comforted her. When it was time for going back to school, she borrowed from friends and sold our house holds.

    This went on until when there was no more to sell or any friend to lend her. This is when we dropped out of school. The situation grew grim and our only hope was to work as maids or in villages’ gardens for us to get some food and clothing. But our elder sister Olyvia was not ready to sit back and wait for miracles to happen without trying. One morning she came back home shouting, I have found a friend ready to help me go back to school. Little did we know that her struggles would bring a Father from so far away. The name of our dear father is James Haverlock. He is a nice person who has been there for us through thick and thin. Father has always endeavored to provide all our needs even although he, himself needs funds due to his ill heath. He loves us so much and shows a lot of care. From the time we all came to know Mr. Haverlock, he has instilled in us the importance of having a personal relationship with God. He has been able to send my sister to a school of nursing, my other sister has just completed her senior level four while my brother a qualified brick layer. All was well until late last year when our dear mother succumbed to diabetes and died leaving us Mr. James Haverlock. Mother left us with three stages to follow

    - Life: When you have life, you live happily.
    - Hope makes good leadership and discipline.
    - Courage and discipline helps you succeed in everything.

    And with her three elements, she is now the proud mother in heaven of; A training nurse, O-Level leaver, trained brick layer, and proprietor of a secretarial bureau.


    I did a two year Diploma Course in Computer Science at St. Elizabeth Vocational Training College in year 2007/2008. After my training finding a job was not that easy due to the big number of students that come out of college every year. For example in my former school we were 170 students that passed out with the same diploma. Since this is not the only school in the country that offers this course, it therefore means that there are so many of us who passed out in this same career and yet jobs in this field are very limited.

    My only option was to start up my own business but with my career in mind I had to opt for a secretarial business. As if lady luck was on my side, one family friend called Anne Ddamba was in the process of selling her business after some misunderstanding with her employees. I took up the opportunity and by the help of my Father James Haverlock; I was able to acquire the business. Incidentally I acquired the business during a recession. However, this did not stop me from taking up the business and my only strategy was to do marketing. It is a well known fact that;

    “During a recession marketing has to be active since the noise level are down it is right to increase support to your brands considering the consumer is in a receptive mode and still have a need and want”

    With Vigorous marketing and the help of my friend Anne, I have been able to get a lucrative deal of printing Monthly Magazines in our local language for a N.G.O known as Happy Science Uganda. This so far is the biggest company that Catherine Mukasa Secretarial Bureau is handling but we also offer: Secretarial Services that include, type setting, book binding, photocopying we did also introduce Graphic Designing, Stationery, and General printing.


    here is a list of services we provide to help you, whether a business, personal, a student or a school, we are here to serve you.

    Printer's Arcade
    Plot 27, Nassar Road
    P.O. Box 21232
    Catherine Mukasa Secretarial Bureau

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